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Got Nerds is a staunch believer in the old adage that the customer’s needs come first. To meet customer’s demands Got Nerds employ expert engineers with extensive experience in IOS Android and Windows Architecture. Got Nerds creates software that will allow clients companies greater efficiency with asset management in inventory and accounts receivable as well as liabilities and capital expenditures.  Got Nerds offers bespoke Website Design services to maximize Search Engine Optimization structured around specific regional needs in the New York area, as well as nationally, dependent on client’s request. Got Nerds offers a host of computer services that benefit clients. We want to go beyond the common customer Information Technology company relationship to let patrons know that we will take every measure to provide the utmost in quality services. As a technology company we understand that time is precious and electronics are expensive that is why we strategize to forge alliances with many of our product and part suppliers to bring clients the latest innovations in technology at the most affordable price expedited in the shortest amount of time possible.


Got Nerds is a Brooklyn grown technology company that serves as your one stop tech shop. We maintain our operations headquarters including engineering, manufacturing and marketing in Park Slope, Brooklyn. offers Technology Support Services, Web Development, Android and IOS mobile application Development and Media. Got Nerds mission is to provide innovation for the next generation.


iOS 360º the complete iPhone/iPad/Mac Application development course


Introduction to iOS programming

Course Details

Duration: two hours/ class

Location: 276 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, NY, 11215

Meeting Times: Mon. 6 pm- 8pm, Wed. 6pm -8pm, Sat. Noon-2pm

Instructor: Got Nerds, Head iOS Developer Joshua Cleetus

Course Fee: $1,500 for the full course

How to register: Send registration email to


Course Format:


2 month face-to-face classes that meet once a week for 2 hours and 2 hours practical.

An online discussion forum to promote interaction and collaboration

Small class size – limited to 10 students so that instruction can be tailored for each student.


Course Prerequisites:


1) Programming knowledge in at least 1 high level programming language (Objective C, Java, C++ / C / C#, Ruby, PHP, etc). Prior knowledge of Objective C is not required. If you do not have any previous programming knowledge, please inquire with us on training options to learn programming fundamentals.


2) A Mac computer (preferably portable – such as Macbook Pro or Macbook Air) that is running Lion (Mac OS X 10.7) needs to be brought to each class meeting. If you wish to rent a Macbook, please inquire with us before the course starts. During each lecture, there will be hands-on activities that will be performed that are related to the material being presented.


Course Objectives / Goals:


The primary goal of this course is to provide a solid background in both the basics of Objective C and iOS programming. The student shall be equipped with the necessary knowledge to be able to make modifications existing iOS applications as well as to create new iOS applications from scratch. The student will also be familiar with all of the steps that are required to successfully submit an app to Apple’s AppStore.

By the end of the course each student will have developed an original iOS application and/or added nontrivial enhancements to an existing iOS application to the point where it can be submitted to Apple’s AppStore. Details on this will be discussed during the first class.


What you will learn:


Fundamentals of Objective-C programming


iOS (iPhone/iPad) UI Development


iOS (iPhone/iPad) Framework APIs



QA Testing / App Store submission




  1. Submit Email
    Prospective clients can either reach out to Got Nerds directly [via] or call the firm [212-GOT-NERD] to set up an immediate client meeting. The email would include a description of the app, the client budget, and a tentative date of release. Should the client require the signature of a non-disclosure agreement, Got Nerds will gladly meet with the client immediately and sign all appropriate paperwork.
  2. Client Meeting
    For each client, a team of developers who will be working on your project will be present at the initial meeting. The developers will be there to answer any questions in reference to time frame, or the app development process as a whole. Non-Disclosure Agreements will be signed before the project is discussed.
  3. Research & Proposal

    The team assigned to the project will research competitors in the market and present a proposal to the client within 7 days. The proposal will outline project milestones, modules, resources needed, approximate time frame and project specifications.

  4. Client Agreement

    Once the client looks over the proposal, the client and Got Nerds will enter into an agreement should the client choose to move forward with the project. A deposit, outlined in the proposal will be due before the work will begin.

  5. Producing Prototype

    The assigned team will produce a prototype of the app with key features and specifications as per the client’s request. This is the time the client can modify select features that will be brought into the next phase of app development.

    The prototyping time frame is typically 2 – 7 weeks.

  6. Implementation of Alpha Product
    The alpha version of the app will consist of User Interface Designs and a strong sense of the app’s features. The client will meet with a User Interface Designer in person or via web meeting to discuss the UI in detail. During this phase, the app will be vigorously tested for any bugs.

    The alpha version is tested for execution, missing feature links and design. The typical time frame for this stage is 2 – 9 weeks. The client is able to test the app in its intended environment and can opt to have the app uploaded to the Google Play Store or iOS App Store for alpha testing.

  7. Presenting Final Product
    The app is complete and polished. The User Interface is clear to the user. Key features work well with very few know bugs. The client can then opt to upload the app to the Google Play Store or iOS App Store as a complete version. Deliverables are then transferred to the client upon final payment.


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